Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing but lazy....


                  Sundays Afternoons at home are always,always lazy.

Everything seems to move a little slower on Sunday mornings and no matter how much you want to you rear end always seems to be glued to the sofa like those teenagers you see at house parties in one of those
Sundays for me are usually my “ mad-scientist” days.

I put on an apron and cook/bake/make-sure-the-kitchen-is-covered-in-flour-and-butter to my hearts content.

I need to plan what to make in such a way that I get done by around 12 pm (that’s when the maid comes to wash the vessels!) or at around 2 pm(since I need to get a few snaps and the natural light is best at those times :) )

..And you thought all I did was bake and hog. HA!

Well anyway, I’ve hit a little bit of a bread making spree over the past few weeks ,and burger buns were one of the results :)

I have to say there are very few things that make me as happy as homemade baked bread.With a big chunk of butter.

Just a word of advice,You might want to wait for a few minutes once the bread is out of the oven to “taste” it.Otherwise, you will probably end up with a very damaged roof of your mouth.

Just saying.

    Btw, Hamburger can be a descriptive noun in German,referring to someone from Hamburg,Germany.(like London --> Londoner) or an adjective describing something from Hamburg!!

Did you know that before just now!?!?!

They asked us that at an interview!!

Pretty cool,eh?

                                                    Drool away!!

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