I'm Ayesha.
I'm Newly 20 21 (although I think I'm still a teenager in my head!!).Obsessed with sprinkles and all things icing.Chocolate worshipper.Big fan of all things miniature.Stationary store fanatic. Fancy cake stands make me happy.

Did I mention I like cupcakes? like. somewhat. and a little more. Oh, and doughnuts too. And Sourpunk.And chewy toffee fudge. So yeah, I'm a little bit of a sugar rush person. :)
Cupcakes Vs the World is my way of saying " Hey you,Mr. Cupcake. You just made my life a whole lot better. You make me happy when skies are grey...You know, that sort of thing."

So, stay a while, drool. It'll make me a little happier knowing that all the time I spent patiently taking the snap before gobbling what's in the picture wasn't for nothing :):)