Monday, July 15, 2013

Dulce de leche Eclairs- Bouchon Bakery

Every now and then you hit upon a pure dose of inspiration.
Push-you-through-the-crazy-days kind of inspiration.

If you are a sugar baby like me, that might definately be, Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery.
I had heard of Thomas Keller way back when, but for some reason I had never ever heard of Bouchon Bakery. When a friend (Thank you so much Shibu!!) told me that she had a copy and I just HAD to take a look at it, I could'nt resist.I had'nt even got past the foreward and I knew I was going to be hooked.
 I wanted one of my own.
 One to cradle to bed with me.
 And stretch out lazily with on afternoons off.
 (I know it might sound like I'm talking about a baby here; but stay with me, I'm still talking about the book !! :) ) So thanks to an older brother who completely spoils me, I got one for my birthday!! :) 
That's not to say that it didnt come with an "Eh, you better make me all of the stuff in that book huh.." condition .

This is how cookbooks should be written. Filled with memories, inside stories and words that make you sure that the person/people who wrote it have nothing short of a love affair with all the recipes in the book.
It's the perfect cross between home baking and  professional baking. 
And the pictures, dont even get me started.
Everyone likes to pretend that we don't buy a book based on the pictures, but really now, who are you kidding?
Big. Glossy. Step by step pictures of Raspberry palmiers and Florentines and Eclairs getting built up.
Inspiration at it's best.

I decided to start with something easy.
Eclairs and Choux pastry.
Mostly because there is a centerfold page with step by step assembeling of these eclairs ,that just blew me away.

They're gorgeous.
The choux pastry gets a really nice light biscuity outer shell and soft, hollow inside when dried out properly. 

I didnt have pecans as in the recipe so I replaced them with toasted candied almonds.

And layering dulce de leche with vanilla creme chantilly . (ALWAYS a brilliant idea!)
It's exactly what you need. 

Tried out two different chocolate garnishes for the eclairs- Mini dark chocolate plaques and little chocolate fans.

Oh, and these are little mini eclairs. 
Two bites, and they're gone!! 
Don't be intimidated by choux pastry. It's pretty easy actually!
Happy baking!!

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