Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter and the big Two-Oh!!!

Can I tell you about my birthday?
It was awesome.
And not just plain ol' awesome.
The supercalifragilistic-types.
Since it was easter as well, there was a party. A teeny -tiny party.
There were friends.Some amount of overenthusiastic attempts at dumb charades.Pink bunnie ears for the birthday girl. Some rum and endless amount of giggling , Due to the chocolate im sure..
No no, how can you even think it was the rum!!!
;P :P

Oh, and there was dessert. 

Thumblina cupcakes.
They're adorable:)
One bite and its gone!!!!

 Theyre smaller than your thumb...

I want to introduce you to someone special.

Meet Mr.Drunken Chocolate Whiskey Pudding.
 Pretty hot eh?
Makes you wanna take a nice big bite outta him.
Ermmm...Im still talking bout the pudding, yes.

 Mr. Drunken Whiskey Pudding left with quite a few people that day.
Sneaky lil' fellow.

I didnt get a shot of the birthday cake.
Yes, Im twenty.And still very much moronic.
Sigh. : /

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