Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giant Triple chocolate chunk cookies

I like cookies.
You see,
Cookies are one of those multi purpose things.
They can calm you down.
They can cheer you up.
SOmetimes they'll give you a sugar rush and make you look like a retard.
If you have boy problems, have a cookie.
If the sky is too gray , have a cookie.
If You're passing by, and there's  a plate of cookies..why, hey!! grab one....
Of late I've been sneaking too many bites of the cookie dough at training.
Sure, there's no doubt it'll go straight to my butt, but hey, you only live once right?

These remind me of gorgeous chunky , warm cookies i stumbled upon.
Did I mention big chunky cookies that have all three kinds of chocolate in them.
Now, maybe they're not pretty and dainty.
And maybe they dont have pretty pink royal icing on them.

But they're yum.
Yum counts right?
Hell yea.

And they dont fit into a glass of milk!! They're that giagantic.
These are one of those "bow-down-and-worship-them " cookies.
You'll never be the same once you've had a bite of these.
and if you're really lucky,
you might even have one of those runnng-through a field-of-flowers-towards-a-cookie-in-slow-motion moments.
And sure,
After a while ur pants might seem a lil tighter, but thats a small price to pay,
I guess.

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