Sunday, June 05, 2011

Of Chocolate and Clingwrap.

Its been almost a month since I've been training in the bakery and pastry section of a hotel, and there have been some ups and downs.
There's definatly a few things I've learned so far though....

Lesson #1:
Pay attention.

If you forget (accidently, I promise) to add yeast to the dough, it will not rise. (duh!!). Hence leading to a very pissed off somewht amused bunch of night shift bakers.

Do not let people who have cement instead of brains confuse you.

Actual conversation:
 Stupid guest: What is this?
Me: That is cheese, Sir.
Stupid guest: Is it vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

I REALLY did not see that one coming.See, the tricky part here is the cheese comes from milk, which comes from  a cow,which is non vegetarian. However the milk itself is not.Right? RIGHT?? However I'm sure since he was dumb enough to ask that question he did'nt  have enough sense to think of this.
The service guy tell me to tell him its made from pork fat just out of spite. :)

Lesson #3:
You will definately overestimate your self control.

No matter what you say , when you enter the chocolate room, you will feel like Bruce almighty when he gets God's powers. There will be a deafining sound of all the chocolate calling out to you. I promise.
It's completly OK to sneak a bite.

Lesson #4:
Chocolate chip cookies, straight out of the oven, are a powerful weapon.

....But you knew that one already now, did'nt you?

Lesson #5:
Your feet will never,EVER be the same.

They will start to feel like your undergoing some sort of spidey/x-men sort of transformation. Not in a good way.
It will be painful.

Lesson #6:
Clingwrap ,flour, whipped cream, chocolate,oven burns.

There will be a LOT of that.
In that order.

Oh well,
 In my world, if there' s chocolate, there's happy endings:)


  1. hey- really like your article & its an amusing read. However, just to bring to your notice, cheese does have its vegetarian & non - vegetarian options, because of an ingredient called "rennet", which comes from animal intestine.
    Happy Training!! :)

  2. damn! "anonymous" robbed my glory! remember i did those promotions for Boursin cheese? well they claim to be 100% veggie. and insanely yummy :D
    i want cupcakes Ayeeesshaaaa! <3 ya!