Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Do you ever have one of those totally normal days?
You know,the kind that leave you  why cats are so fussy,or why it is absolutly necessary to carry all four bowls of soup at once instead of just taking two at a time? 
The kind that makes you wonder exactly why your day involved a conversation about a very unusual toe.
Or how your going to get through the rest of the year without losing the rest of your sanity.
Yup,all in all pretty much everyday,right?

Today was exhausting.
I managed to straighten my hair in the morning so that my bob does'nt end up looking like I-just-got-my-head-out-of-the-washing-machine.
Managed to get through lunchtime service without drenching anyone I was serving with hot soup.
Witnessed a cat fight in the ladies compartment.Survived.There was an actual fist fight.

Anyway Im gonna let you in on a little secret ,yeah?
Im a little crazy when it comes to cupcakes.
You know that already? 
Okh-ay then.
Here are some of the cutest most amazing little baking stuff I'v found online.

                                       The cutest little baking pendents from Freshy Fig

                                 I think the heavens opened up and dropped these gorgeous cupcake jars

Cupcake rubber stamps...
Mwahahahhaha...If it were up to me ,I'd go on a mad rampage with these.
They. would. be .everywhere.

                                           Salt and pepper cupcake shakers :):)

Little wedding cake toppers from Goosegrease.My mother would go gaga over these.
Yup, hats all :):)

 Oh,just FYI,

My birthday is in April.
I mean, not that that's supposed to mean anything.I just wanted to let you know.
You know,Just.
Completly ,randomly.
So, anything you assume now will be completly your own idea.
Just saying.