Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Have you been 20?
If you have'nt ,I gotta warn you,it's a little confusing.
I mean,you see, it gets a little mixed up sometimes.
Are you a kid? or Are you an adult?
Is it okay to eat endless amounts of chocolate? Or should you eat one and be happy?
Is it alright to draw that moustache on someones photograph or should you be past all that by now?
Is it okay to use insane am ount of smileys in text messages?
As if all these questions are'nt bad enough they then go and increase the legal drinking age in Maharashtra to 25. I mean, okay,so erm,it's completly okay to get married when you're 18 and probably have a kid too but drinking??No ,no we're apparently not old enough yet.
These days, I've just decided to go along with however it feels.
Heres the plan.

If you steal the rickshaw I was supposed to take ,instead of punching you out cold,I'll be grown up and stick my tongue out at you instead.
If you give me a present,I'll wait till you're out of the room till I rip it open. AND I'll make an effort not to use my teeth to tear the packaging.
I'll eat "taste" a little less cookie dough.
The drama on Jersey Shore will make less of a difference to my life.

Anyway, randomly,for the next 10 days I've decided to share a few of my favourite blogs and websites.
You know, just stuff I've randomly stumbled upon or things that keep me happy and inspired :)
Starting tomorrow :)

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