Sunday, December 04, 2011

There ain't no food here!!

If you're here to look at pretty pictures of baked stuff, You won't find anything here today.
I've had a bit of a disasterous day with the oven today and I really need something to pick me up.
Here is a list of 5 things that made me happy :)

This journal thingy:) I love love love stationary and as of now I'm in the middle of making one of my own!!!
This one is from Polka dot Robot

Chumbak is  my newest obsession :) I browse through their website almost every single day and look at the stuff over and over again. It just makes me happy! :)

 The stuff is so cute and ridiculously creative :)

Strawberry-ish things
Christmas Tequila Cocktail

Jack Johnson's -No Other Way
Selena Gomez- Who Says

Love the video.It reminds me of lazy evenings,and beaches.....And the dress is beau-ti-ful!!

Crazy dreams....

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