Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trams and big yellow taxicabs

Theres some comfort that comes from knowing that amazing things can happen in the spur of a moment.I recently got the opportunity to travel to a few cities and cook in peoples homes for a project that came out of the blue.It amazed me how everything just fell into place. I guess I should stop worrying about the future so much and learn to trust that everything will ALWAYS work out. (corny, i know, but it's true !!!).
Also , I discovered that they sell passionfruit in Kolkata for 10 bucks!!! WHATTT!! 
I know, might seem like a minor development to everyone else, but to me, I'm like : "Oh.My.God." =)
  Between the one incident where a rat scurried over my foot in Delhi, full day power cuts in Chennai, making Idli batter in the hotel room, eating masala rabit and amazing seafood at Anjappars in Chennai,laughing mindlessly till 1 am at the hotel coffeeshop and cooking in kitchens that sometimes were literally 5x3 ft, I got to say, it.was.amazing.

Sadly, I did'nt think it was necessary to carry my camera around to Delhi and Chennai and missed out on a lot of fun snaps. Here is kolkata...

          The yellow ambassador taxis are hard to miss. Theyre everywhere and adorable!this is my favourite picture

          At the market, happy happy picture


                Old houses with these little charming post boxes !

             At the market, tomatoes on the street...

                             Cycle rickshaws, so amusing!!!

Oh, and just a word of caution , little bengali boys seem to have a knack of following you around if you're cooking the food . deal with it. :)

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