Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Watermelon and Ginger Granita

It's officially the last days of summer.
Or whats left of it anyway.
One minute its happy and sunny and the next ithe sky is crowded with grey clouds.  Last chance to gobble up something icy before you move to to garam chai and vada pav on rainy afternoons and what not.
So the next few posts are going to be dedicated to scrambling for whatever cold, icy, summery goodies before the season of sludge and mudspots begins. :/
I made this watermelon and Ginger granita a while back.I like granitas because the flavour of the main ingredient really comes through since it's basically just frozen and not diluted .Plus, they're the laziest ,easiest frozen desserts .EVER.
Juice. Freeze.Scrape.

This watermelon and Ginger granita can literally be made by a toddler, in my opinion. ( Just be careful when you hand him the blender, though !! ) It has just three ingredients and requires no effort whatsoever.Also, there is something therapeutic about cleaning the seeds from the watermelon... :)

Also, just a word of advice, If you are using a hand held blender, be ABSOLUTLY sure to turn off the main power switch before trying to clean out the blade just incase the wire accidentaly hits the power button while you are cleaning it and your index finger almost gets sliced .
In half. :/
In other news, I might be considering renaming this blog to 'A series of unfortunate events in my kitchen'.
Those two are *totally* unrelated, just incase you were wondering !!

Watermelon Ginger Granita

Watermelon chunks (deseeded)
Fresh Ginger   (peeled)
Lime juice

  • There are'nt any specific quantities for the three, all you need to do is blend them together and adjust according to your taste.
  • You can also add sugar if you like.Or mint. Or Vodka.
  •  Once, it's well blended, pour it into a shallow, wide container (steel or plastic) are freeze!!
  • To serve, run a fork along the surface of the frozen juice to obtain icicles :)

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