Sunday, December 02, 2012

The banana pancake- birthdaycake.

Jack Johnsons Banana pancakes was perfect for today.
After an endless week of catering to parties at the hotel (and putting up with demands such as  "I want my sausages more crispy :s ) it's finally sunday.
Jack Johson sure knows how to live it up.

But banana pancakes for me, are more about the song than the food, these days. So since I could'nt actually make a cake( I'm living without an oven!!!!!!!!!! Let's not even go THERE :/) I made banana pancakes with a little something something  to say happy yappy birthday!!
They're so simple...
Stack the pancakes.
Layer em'.
                                                            And all done!!!\

Happy birthday to a very special boy:)
For 5am conversations,
For long hours of hoodie shopping,
For unecessary acidity advice,
For weird flavour combination ideas,
For tolerating endless photo sessions,
For quiet glances,
For letting me eat the last bite of cake,
For the sand between my toes,

For 4 page long text messages,
For letting me fall asleep during movies,
For making me happy,
 everyday .

Thank you :)

Our tomorrows might seem to be a little crazier than our yesterdays, so let's go kick some culinary butt, okay?? :)