Monday, November 19, 2012

The monkey incident.

It has been one of those weeks.
Living in Delhi has started to feel like I stuck my head in the freezer and cannot manage to get it out. Which is probably why I now go to work every morning in my thickest sweatshirt ad a scarf wrapped around my face looking like a ninja while everyone else jogs along happily in shorts.
Also I've run out of hankerchiefs and cannot find the entire packet of washing powder I bought yesterday.
My (not so happy) tooth is pounding away at my head  and the dentist here suggested I get implants!!!
Tooth implants. Really???
 No. Freakin'.Way.Mister
Also, I've recently figured out that being an adult includes cleaning the gunk at the bottom of the sink ,paying my own bills and dealing with vagabond monkeys.
Yes, I said monkeys.
Apparently, when I signed on to this I was'nt adequately warned.
 I was making breakfast alone at home in the kitchen and all of a sudden a spot a shadow from the corner of my eye.So, I look to the left,and there it is.
A monkey.
Staring at me.
 I screech and run into the hall and well, there are two more monkeys.
One is holding an orange.
Hilarious, I know.
This is delhi people, anything can happen.
I screech some more.
They look at me like I'm retarded. Then, run out into the balcony.
I try and lock the balcony door. With my luck so far, I fumble.
The monkeys sit in the balcony and finish the orange.
My hands are shaking.
I call up the roommate, the first thing she says is "Seriously?? But I just bought those oranges yesterday!!"

I want to bang her head against the wall and laugh at the same time.

Watching endless episodes of Greys anatomy and moving our living room furniture into the hall to drink tea and eat squid masala keep me sane.
Atleast so far.
Sigh. Real life. Does'nt get better than this, eh?